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Пресса о Колине #14

Carrie: Предыдущая пресса закончилась здесь. Продолжаем... Тред восстановлен благодаря marishka1973

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Romi: Carrie: movielover пишет: Чёрт возьми, неужели идеальный мужчина всё-таки существует?! Ну, дык, а чё мы тут сидим-то... Недостатки вот ищем — как найдем, так разбежимся, наверное. Wyeth пишет: - Чё, и Эмми свою принёс? - Это Оскар, болван!" Да, это было сильно! Я так поняла, Элен знала заранее, что он придет, т.к. не удивилась, увидев его, и громкоговоритель приготовила — но вот трусы явно стали для нее сюрпризом. Кстати, на Ютубе этот ролик уже появился, если кто захочет скачать:

Romi: ира: Хулюган, что тут скажешь, но до чего ж хорош!!! Браво, Колин!!! Как здорово, что ты есть! Без таких людей жизнь была бы пресной.

Romi: Галия: strangebird,

Romi: movielover: Боже мой! На этого мужчину Господь пролил золотой дождь: Талант, море обаяния, офигенное чувство юмора! Прикалывается как мальчишка! Когда другие звёзды блюдут статус и ,боже упаси!, выйти из гламурного образа! Да, очень смешно. Но юмор, конэшно, аглицкий. У кого-то это, может быть, выглядело и пошловато( трусы, пардон, всё таки), но у него- мило, мило, мило...

Romi: olja: Carrie пишет: Кстати, на Ютубе этот ролик уже появился, если кто захочет скачать: Спасиб , а то с Ellen так тормозит, что не послушать было никак.

Romi: movielover: Carrie пишет: Недостатки вот ищем — как найдем, так разбежимся, наверное... Нет уж! видать, не судьба! Когда найдём их, вспомним, что недостатки - суть продолжение наших, то бишь, ЕГО достоинств. И будем любить ещё сильнее...

Romi: Rhina: Ну вот, наши благополучно прибыли домой. Теперь там Колина журналисты "терзать" будут.

Romi: Carrie: movielover пишет: У кого-то это, может быть, выглядело и пошловато( трусы, пардон, всё таки), но у него- мило, мило, мило... Ну дык, не он же эту "трусельную" эпопею начал, он ее только подхватил. Честно говоря, когда Эллен показала фотку Рикки Джервайса в подаренных ею трусах, я уж испугалась было, что Колин рискнет последовать его примеру (вот это было бы как раз пошловато, ИМХО). Но он нашел очень достойный и смешной выход из ситуации, выкрутился, не роняя собственного достоинства. Ну-с, и сегодняшняя пресса: Daily Mail King Colin arrives home in London... but did Oscar get his own seat on the plane? Ну, это просто репортаж из аэропорта, ничего особо информативного. Спекуляции о том, что драгоценную статуэтку, небось, в багаж сдавать не стал, а катит за собой в чемоданчике. Oscar winner Colin Firth The Telegraph Oscar winner Colin Firth By Jojo Moyes 7:00AM GMT 01 Mar 2011 5 Comments There are some calls that a woman of a certain age simply cannot refuse. And right up there, with “could you test this exceedingly expensive moisturiser?” and “perhaps you should see this Maldives hotel” comes: “We need to talk about Colin.” Yes, Colin Firth. Progenitor of a million female fantasies in a wet white shirt and breeches, political activist, faithful spouse and, now, Oscar winner. What is left to say? Well, plenty. Because as the airwaves frothed with Firth-filled adulation following his Best Actor award, across the country women were nodding across their cornflakes and muttering: “Yeah? Tell us something we don’t know.” American Academy: we were there 20 years before you, marvelling at his acting tour-de-force in Tumbledown; sniggering at his lack of underwear in Hope Springs; forgiving him his Lord Henry Dashwood in What A Girl Wants (nobody’s perfect). Firth is the movie star Hugh Grant could have been if he a) gave the impression of loving acting, and b) actually did some. And he is almost impossible to dislike. Even as his Golden Globe win was announced last month, he was a hair’s breadth from national treasure status. Pitching his speech just this side of self-deprecating luvvie, he joked that winning had saved him from the worst of his mid-life crisis and ownership of a Harley Davidson. Likewise, as he picked up his Oscar yesterday he confessed to a “stirrings in the abdominal region” (cue gulping and a vaguely glazed expression from female audience members) – which turned out to be a compulsion to dance. But here, of course, Firth was again playing to his audience – look at me! The repressed Englishman threatening to do something spontaneous! For there was a time when it looked as if Firth might box himself in as Hollywood’s go-to stiff upper lip. His turn as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary was self-referential and funny. By the time of the sequel, The Edge Of Reason, it seemed a little hackneyed. He took a succession of roles – The English Patient, Love Actually, Hope Springs, Mamma Mia! – in which he veered close to becoming our stereotypical repressed Englishman. But in recent years, unlike Grant, Firth has been brave enough to take on parts that hint at something more complex. His role as George Falconer, mourning his gay lover in Tom Ford’s A Single Man won him his first Oscar nomination (he lost to Jeff Bridges). He packed so much silent pain into a few seconds of George VI that I was surprised to find myself weeping at the cruel lot of a member of our royal family. But the acting is only part of Firth’s appeal. He is what Lawrence Dallaglio recently described as “that most dangerous of things – the Englishman who isn’t afraid of showing his feelings”. And just as some sentences are harder to write than others, so we report that 15 years in, he has found true contentment with his wife Livia and their two children, Luca and Matteo. Speaking on a chat show last week he said he could never be unfaithful, and unlike most Hollywood stars, you believe him. Before he met Livia, he claimed, journalists would find it hard to dig up more than two girlfriends. Even former partner Meg Tilly, with whom he has an adult son, wrote publicly after his success in the Golden Globes: “Our happy hats off to a member of the family. We are so pleased for you! … Jubilant hugs and kisses from all of us.” All this aside, it would be easy to parody the Firths. They traded their home in Hackney for one in Islington’s Barnsbury. A long-time Liberal Democrat (he recently withdrew his support as a result of the “profoundly disillusioning” U-turn on tuition fees), his wife professes to wear only ethical dresses to awards shows. He guest-edited Radio 4’s The Today Programme, looking at the efficacy of international aid. What offsets this almost overwhelming worthiness is Firth’s own intelligence, humour and tendency towards self-deprecation. He describes his attempt at editing Today as “a sobering experience”, and, yesterday, joking that his career had peaked, said he would like to try comedy next, “to continue my long tradition of making a fool of myself.” But interviewed in the wake of his success by (an uncharacteristically giggly) Sarah Montague, Firth admitted that for many his enduring appeal will always stem from his brooding Darcy and wet breeches. And, perhaps befitting a man on the cusp of middle age, he says that, contrary to public opinion, he is “not remotely bothered”. In fact, he says with some grace, that he feels lucky. “Mr Darcy will be alive and well for the rest of my life… I would hate to see that tag leave me.” Not much chance of that, Colin. Not much chance of that. Симпатичная статейка, в которой говорится о том, что американские академики наконец подтвердили то, что британские дамы знали уже лет 20 как — что Колин прекрасный актер, да и вообще безупречный со всех сторон мущщина: верный муж, политический активист, самоироничный умница, словом, глыба и матерый человечище. Гранта, опять же, походя лягнули: Фёрт стал кинозвездой, которой мог бы стать Хью Грант, если бы а) хотя бы делал вид, что любит играть, и б) на самом деле хоть что-нибудь играл. Колин же сосредоточил столько безмолвной боли в нескольких секундах своего Георга VI, что я к своему изумлению обнаружила, что проливаю слезы над суровой участью члена нашей королевской семьи. Ну и еще забавно — в комментах возмущенная реплика от Дайаны с Фертэссенсе, что, дескать, почему только британские дамы это давно знали, и американские тоже. Может, и про российских им написать? И еще одна статья в Telegraph — почему лучшим фильмом стал TKS, а не Сошиал Нетуорк. Best Picture 2011: Why The King’s Speech beat The Social Network Best Picture 2011: Why The King’s Speech beat The Social Network It's said that what swayed so many of the Academy's 6,000 members in the direction of The King’s Speech came down to the question of “heart”. By Marc Lee 8:04AM GMT 28 Feb 2011 9 Comments It was billed as the battle between The Social Network and The King's Speech. In the end, the night of the 83rd Academy Awards belonged not to the ultra-modern story of a nerdy billionaire with 500 million “friends” but to a period piece about a British monarch struggling to overcome his stammer. The Social Network picked up three Oscars (from eight nominations); The King’s Speech picked up only one more (from 12 nominations). But the latter included three of the Big Four, with Best Picture, Director (Tom Hooper) and Actor (Colin Firth), plus Original Screenplay, which went to David Seidler, whose gracious acceptance speech alluded to his relatively advanced age of 73: “My father always said I’d be a late bloomer.” The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, won Best Original Score (written by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross) and Film Editing, plus one of this year’s supposed shoo-ins – Best Adapted Screenplay, which went to Aaron Sorkin, previously best-known as creator of the monumental American TV series The West Wing. And, though the pundits were right with their predictions for that category, the Academy voters wrong-footed them elsewhere, particularly in the case of The King’s Speech. At the beginning of the year, about halfway through the awards season, everything seemed so clear-cut. No one seriously doubted that Firth would be crowned Best Actor, but the consensus was that The Social Network would be Best Picture (thanks as much to Sorkin’s screenplay as anything else) and that Fincher would be Best Director. RELATED ARTICLES Acting: will Annette Bening ever get to win? 28 Feb 2011 Colin Firth's career 28 Feb 2011 Christian Bale says it's all 'gravy' 28 Feb 2011 Winners and ceremony 28 Feb 2011 This thinking was confirmed last month by the Golden Globes, awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and regarded as a strong indicator of likely Oscar success. Firth won (with seeming inevitability), and The Social Network was chosen as Best Motion Picture (Drama), while Fincher was deemed Best Director. But then the mood changed, and Hooper’s film gradually started to gather what industry commentators like to call “momentum”. Why was this? For one thing, a number of awards chosen by industry insiders – rather than, say, the journalists of the HFPA – began to favour The King’s Speech. It won the Screen Actors Guild award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture, which is pretty much SAG’s way of saying Best Picture. And Firth won Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role. (Time the SAG employed an editor to snip away at those category names, I’d say.) The Producers Guild of America, meanwhile, also named The King’s Speech best of the year. While these awards don’t have the profile or prestige of the Globes, they are chosen by voters with a much better idea of how the Academy is thinking. And, in the end, the key to what swayed so many of its 6,000 members in the direction of The King’s Speech came down, it’s said, to the question of “heart”. The King’s Speech is such an emotional ride, heart-breaking and heart-warming in equal measure, that it simply became irresistible to the Academy voters, suckers always for the triumph of the human spirit in trying circumstances. In The Social Network, a socially inept computer geek becomes an accidental billionaire making many enemies along the way. It was a brilliantly scripted story, but we don’t really care much about the fate of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg); indeed, we probably feel that all those billions in the bank have provided an enviably comfortable cushion against the vicissitudes he’s faced. The King’s Speech, on the other hand, grips from the painfully moving opening scene, in which the future George VI ascends from the bowels of Wembley Stadium to address a crowd of many thousands as if he were climbing up the scaffold to his own execution. And when finally, thanks to the help administered by eccentric speech therapist Lionel Logue, he addresses the nation on the radio with barely a slip in his delivery, it’s impossible to stifle a tear of sympathy. The King’s Speech is the story of a challenge heroically overcome. That’s why the Academy lavished so much love on it.

Romi: 4.03.11. Лола: Колин Ферт попал в список британцев, претендующих на получение рыцарского титула, сообщает The Daily Mail. По данным источников издания, актер удостоился этой чести, в частности, благодаря роли Георга VI в картине Тома Хупера "Король говорит!". Ранее сообщалось, что королева Елизавета II (Георг VI был ее отцом) лично одобрила работу Колина Ферта. Список претендентов на звание рыцаря составляется ежегодно, и его составление приурочено к дню рождения королевы. О том, станет ли Ферт рыцарем Британской империи, будет известно в начале лета 2011 года. ссылка

Romi: Romi: Лола пишет: на получение рыцарского титула Ого! А интересно, возьмет? Рыцарский титул допускает голосование? Впору ставки делать.

Romi: ДюймОлечка: Romi пишет: Впору ставки делать В смысле дадут или возьмет?

Romi: Romi: ДюймОлечка пишет: В смысле дадут или возьмет? Ага, я выразилась невнятно. Сорри. Где-то мы говорили о рыцарских титулах, в частности, кто из актеров отказался, кто все же удостоился. Поскольку Колин «любит голосовать», не будет ли рыцарство препятствием к этому? Может, лыцари эти должны исключительно «одобрямс» кричать? Или просто: насколько он ценит монархию? Так что ставки на «примет — не примет». А рыцарство либо дадут, либо нет, это ж королева решает, а не большинством голосов выбирается. Как-то так...

Romi: ДюймОлечка: Romi Так можно предположения строить и по тому, и по другому поводу. Одинаково (ну почти) мы знаем характеры - что королевы, что нашего короля.

Romi: Carrie: Я ставлю на то, что вежливо откажется. Репортеры одолевают по прилете; Колин, как всегда, сама вежливость и любезность, хотя Джессика уже, кажется, теряет терпение.

Romi: Den: Carrie пишет: Я ставлю на то, что вежливо откажется. Я тоже! Только боюсь, большинство участников форума поставят на это, и наш букмекер откажется принимать ставки!

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