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Пресса о Колине #14

Carrie: Предыдущая пресса закончилась здесь. Продолжаем... Тред восстановлен благодаря marishka1973

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marishka1973: "Telegraph" сегодня: Колин Ферт -самый привлекательный мужчина Колин Ферт назван самым привлекательным мужчиной Великобритании, согласно опросу 1,500 женщин. Colin Firth 'most attractive man' Colin Firth has been named Britain's most attractive man in a poll of 1,500 women Firth, who played Jane Austen's hero Mr Darcy in the BBC's Pride & Prejudice, topped the poll ahead of second-placed actor Rupert Everett with Clive Owen and comic Russell Brand third and fourth. Around 1,500 women cast a vote in the poll which put Daniel Craig, who debuted as Bond in Casino Royale in 2006, in fifth place. Sir Sean Connery, who first played the part of Bond in Dr No in 1962, was voted ninth. As well as some of the usual suspects, including David Beckham at number 11 and Orlando Bloom at number 12, there are some more unusual choices with four MPs including the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister making the top 30. Nick Clegg was voted in 27th place with David Cameron three places behind him. Related Links You might like:Eight million gallons of water drained from reservoir after man urinates in it19 Jun 2011(Telegraph News)Colin Firth was born to play Mr Darcy. So can anyone else shine in the lead role?09 Jun 2011(Telegraph News)Tory MPs 'most attractive'10 Jun 2011(Telegraph News) From the WebFORM THE WEB:"I don't watch television except for Family Guy". Guess who said this.21 Jun 2011(MakingOf.com)4 Restaurants Where You'll Never, Ever, Get a Table09 Jun 2011(The Daily Meal)Behind the Shoot: Anna Paquin01 Dec 1969(ELLE)[what's this]Labour leadership contender Andy Burnham was voted 18th and Tory MP Alan Duncan was 21st. Sally Allen, of Wizard Jeans which commissioned the survey, said: ''A handsome profile may be heaven-sent but looking good is usually a much more down-to-earth process, concerned with grooming and making the most of your natural attractiveness. ''I've heard girls talking about Colin Firth's brooding good looks when they are probably referring to his demeanour, grooming and image. And that's something you can work on. ''But it's unlikely that many men will be able to recreate the magical moment when Mr Darcy came out of the lake, dripping wet - yet positively perfect and sexy - making all the women watching take a very deep breath.'' И кусочек из комментариев: "The attraction of Mister Firth is not in just his looks - he has a certain je ne sais quois to him - He has intelligence (if you do not believe then please check out some of his interviews via you tube), chiselled features (which in earlier years were compared to Paul Schofield and Bogart), a quiet confidence, a delicious accent and the most expressive eyes in film today. I'm not so much surprised that he has won this poll as I am that it hasn't happened sooner. " В комментариях народ выражает недоумение по поводу Эверетта на втором месте и Рассела Бреда на третьем-четвертом, но почти все признают право Ферта на первое место Продолжение темы здесь.

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